Friday, February 24, 2006

Earn Money Online [Breaking News] Millionaire Howard L Moreland went crazy today!

Hello Friend,

This is Tara Johnson, Chief Technology Officer for
My Net-Marketing Center, LLC, with an IMPORTANT

=> Internet Multimillionaire Howard L Moreland
went crazy today!

No kidding.

Howard ordered me to make a NEW change to our
2-tier Affiliate Program whereby we now are going
to pay YOU 400% commissions just for being in our
daily TOP 5's.

This is really insane!

Do you know what this means?

It means that whereas before if you sold say 10
copies of 'My SUPER Free Ads Secret' where you
would have made $48.50 per sale on Level 1, NOW
you will make a WHOPPING $194 per sale, or $1,940!

And just for being in our daily TOP 5's.

It's important that you realize that although this
is quite unprecedented (as we are the ONLY
affiliate program bold enough to payout this way)
we actually have NO PROBLEM paying you this way.

It's actually quite easy for us to pay you like
this -- it's just you must admit Howard has really
done something that nobody else has ever done on
the entire Internet (but then again, that's just
Howard for you).

If you recall, Howard L Moreland is the guy that
started just a short while back and in record time
went from just $174 invested in his first website,
to making now more than $6.3 million a year online!

It took Howard just months whereas most Internet
Multimillionaires made their fortunes over many

For instance: the late, great Corey Rudl who
started IMC and made millions over a 10 year
period -- or Yanik Silver who has over 30,000
affiliates after about 5 years, whereas we've
already gotten 10,000's of affiliates in just
weeks with our NEW 2-tier affiliate program!

Not even the likes of Yanik or Corey ever did
anything like Howard paying YOU 400% commissions!
(IMC pays perhaps an extra $20 on sales of its
Internet Marketing Course "if" you are ever lucky
enough to qualify!)

No, Howard is far, far bolder than anyone else on
the entire Internet -- and he can certainly afford
to be!

So, if you want to learn more and take advantage
of all this, then all you need to do is join FREE

Howards Affiliate Program

That's it!

Howard makes it easy, and you'll discover as soon
as you're inside our Exclusive Super Affiliate
Resource Center exactly how YOU too can be earning
upwards of 400% in big, thick commissions FAST!

Tara Johnson, CTO/CIO, Vice President,

Howards Affiliate Program


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